Adopt a refill station

Adopt a refill station

Starting as low as from €3 /month

In our ongoing quest to bring plastic free water solutions to schools, universities and learning centers across the Balearic Islands, we have launched a new venture: Adopt a Refill Station.

This initiative allows communities – whether it be parents, school communities, students – to create a joint venture and install a clean water fountain for as little as Euro 60 a month per fountain (which includes all maintenance and repair fees of the machines to ensure the highest quality of water).

We have established the financial infrastructure that enables communities to finance a refill station through monthly/yearly installments.

For example:?If just 20 people contribute Euro 3 a month, it pays for the first filtered drinking water fountain.
Or if school parents contributed Euro 10 a year, they would never have to buy a plastic bottle again, as their child could refill without limits at school.

Contact us if you would like to install a refill point – or join and support existing refill communities below.

Your donations will go towards growing the number of water fountains within your community – and any excess donations will be channeled to schools where the community is unable to invest in a water fountain.

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