Partners & Supporters

Cleanwave is a registered non-profit entity, registered as an Asociacion under the name of Onaneta Cleanwave on Mallorca.

We collaborate with private, public and corporate entities, and maintain an open dialogue with the Conselleria de Medio Ambiente, the Consell de Mallorca, and a dynamic community of likeminded individuals who together are the true changemakers in preserving and restoring the great natural diversity of the Balearic Islands and its surrounding seas.



The Cleanwave movement can only succeed through collaboration. Simply by making a conscious decision to no longer use single use plastic water bottles you join the movement! We thank our partners and fellow earth stewards for your continued efforts and dedication to protecting the environment and seas.

Refill Network

Our network of refill partners believe that water is life, and that access to water should be easily accessible. We also believe that the seas and environment should be protected against plastic contamination.

Thank you to all our refill station partners for taking the lead – we welcome more!

Contact us if you want to join the cleanwave movement and set up a refill station or provide access to an existing water filter station.

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