Employee Awareness Program

Employee Awareness Program

The European Parliament passed a law for 2021 prohibiting the use of numerous single-use items, among which are plates and glasses, straws, ear buds and disposable packaging for fresh produce.

Also on the horizon for 2021 is a ban on single-use plastic bags, products containing microplastics, non-reusable lighters, razors, print cartridges, and capsules of coffee made with non-compostable or easily recyclable materials.

We want to help businesses adapt to these regulatory changes, and become pioneers agents for change while instilling a permanent commitment to the environment.

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Education and awareness are essential aspects that need to be instilled to create a change of habits for a sustainable and environmentally conscientious society. It is for this reason that we have created an employee awareness program to help organisations improve their environmental footprint. 

The objectives of the program:

1. Encourage and empower employees to drive organisational change to embrace the environmental movement of the company. 

2. Learn tools to adapt with regulatory restrictions and incorporate them to the employees day to day activities.

3. Valuing innovation and sustainability as positive factors that facilitate the workflow around sustainable tourism.

4. Motivate employees to see the importance of their daily work with regards to environmental changes and adapt and incorporate these habits into their daily life.

If you would like to find out more about our programs, send us an email to join@cleanwave.org.



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