The film

We produced a documentary film about plastic pollution in the Balearic Islands and the growing shift in consciousness towards preserving the earth and its oceans.

'Out of Plastic' is a documentary film that sets out to tell the story of plastics on the Balearic Islands, and the fundamental need to respond to the threat of plastic contamination in every aspect of our lives. It will then go on to present a selection of the main players within the field of recycling, conservation, and the plastic bottle industry - and finally showcase some of the solutions and tangible actions that the islands’ communities have taken upon themselves as stewards of the earth and oceans.


Once again the award winning Altamar team worked together to produce this important film. The film was directed/produced by Cleanwave co-founder Line Hadsbjerg, alongside Mallorcan film director and Director of Photography Pep Bonet. Matteo Vielle supports the production as 2nd camera assistant, and multimedia editor Jose Bautista is responsible for music and editing.

The documentary premiered February 2018.


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