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Cleanwave.org is a dynamic movement of likeminded individuals who recognise the urgent need to provide sustainable alternatives to single use disposable plastic bottles on the Balearics and beyond - the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca are our launch pad for a global movement.

We consume 1,5 million plastic bottles a day in the Balearic Islands. With well over 13 million visitors to the islands each year, the incalculable amount of plastic waste continues to threaten the sustainability of our natural resources and the sea.

Cleanwave sets out to make drinking water freely accessible, and minimizing plastic waste through the sale of stainless steel bottles. Leveraging an extensive network of private and public partners, consumers are offered an opportunity to drink clean water for free whilst contributing towards a plastic free society.

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You are the change

The waves keep coming - you can't stop them - but you can choose which ones to surf.

Join the Cleanwave movement and let's ride this wave together towards a plastic free world!

Get a Cleanwave bottle, set up a water station and ride the wave!




The Story behind Cleanwave

During the summer of 2003, Line and Philipp sailed across the Atlantic. As they approached Mallorca's coastline, Line asked Philipp: "So how long do you think we will stay?".
He thought for a moment and answered: "Max 2 weeks."
That is now almost 15 years ago.

What started as a summer in the Mediterranean, has transformed itself into lifetime: a home, a business, 2 children and a passion and growing love for the beauty of the Balearic Islands and the lifestyle it offers.
The couple were quick to see the multiple opportunities that the island of Mallorca offered, and set up their travel and event agency, "LifeXperiences". Their philosophy is to create extraordinary experiences of the highest quality, whilst creating long lasting memories for their clients. The team has grown and LifeXperiences now organises well over 200 events on Mallorca and Ibiza each year.

However, a major turning point for the company and the team was in 2016 when they organized a five-day event with 1000 people in Ibiza.
Providing water to guests throughout their stay is part of all events they organize. However, after doing the numbers, Philipp realized that they would need to buy 25.000 bottles of water for this group alone. Imagining the waste of 25.000 plastic water bottles was shocking. “We live on an island – rich in natural beauty – and at that moment I realized that we needed to take responsibility and play our part in preserving the Balearic Islands,” he says.
And so for the event in Ibiza, 1000 stainless steel bottles were purchased, and water refill stations were set up throughout the event at all activities. Guests were asked to take responsibility for their own water consumption and many understood and supported the zero-waste concept.

The event on Ibiza was a turning point for LifeXperiences. The company now places a lot more focus on its role in promoting sustainable tourism, and all events are now plastic-free.

Out of this shift in company consciousness, the idea of Cleanwave.org was born. Philipp and Line were inspired to start Cleanwave.org, a non-profit initiative on the Balearic Islands, which aims at tackling plastic waste from plastic water bottle consumption. They were joined by Pilar Gomez, a Mallorcan social educator, with experience as environmental educator, who shares a great love for nature and the beauty of her homeland. With her knowledge of the island, Pilar is an important pillar for Cleanwave.org.

After some busy years focusing on LifeXperiences, Line, a graduate in anthropology and with a Master in International Development, returned to her passion for development and charity work. In 2013, she co-founded Altamar, an independent production company specialising in multimedia documentary films focusing on stories that impact humanity.
Inspired through their activities with Cleanwave.org, Line currently is producing a documentary film about plastics in the Balearic islands, which is scheduled to be presented in March 2018.

As most water from the tap on the Balearic Islands is not drinking water of good  quality, people are forced to buy plastic water bottles. Every day 1,5 million plastic bottles are being consumed on the Balearic Islands. Only 18% is recycled – leaving over 1 million bottles unaccounted for each day.

Cleanwave aims to change that by offering alternatives to single use plastic bottles, and creating awareness about plastic in our every day lives.

Water and Waste

Access to safe drinking water and disposable plastics bottles are intrinsically linked on these Mediterranean islands.

Firstly - tap water is not drinking water, so people are dependent on bottled water for all their water consumption. Once again, the Mediterranean heat and the sheer number of tourists is big business for bottled water producers – and results in huge amounts of waste.

Secondly – there is no system in place for the return of empty water bottles. Neither in glass nor plastic. Yellow recycling containers are scattered across the island of Mallorca, where plastic waste is collected, sent to the waste management plant, sorted, repackaged and shipped to the main land.

Ibiza sends their plastic waste to Mallorca. And no system is in place on Menorca - all waste ends up in landfills.

However, despite efforts to collect plastic waste, not all residents on the islands are vigilant with their sorting of waste, resulting in huge volumes scattered carelessly across the islands and ultimately ending up in the sea. 

Our Vision

We believe that water is life, and that access to water should be free. We also believe that the seas, the environment and ourselves should be protected against plastic contamination. Our vision is to provide a viable and alternative solution to local residents and visitors to the island, to have access to drinking water, whilst creating a shift in consciousness towards a plastic free society. 

We will continue to use this platform to call for the following constructive legislative changes:

We encourage the local government to invest in water purification plants that will ensure that water is safe to drink from the tap.

We challenge the water bottle producers to take the lead in plastic waste reduction by setting up the infrastrcture to return and reuse plastic water bottles.

We encourage these same producers to shift to returnable glass bottles rather than plastic.

We encourage the local government to support local existing bottle factories that have been shut down due to the monopoly of the global beverage industry, to become the missing link in the chain of bottled water suppliers on the island of Mallorca.

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