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Die Quarantäne in 2020 war gelinde gesagt eine interessante Zeit.

Um sich zu beschäftigen, hat Cleanwave-Gründer Line Hadsbjerg den neuen Youtube-Kanal "In Conversation With" mit verschiedenen Gästen aus der ganzen Welt gestartet, die uns inspirieren und einen Unterschied in der Welt machen wollen, in der wir leben.

Bitte besuchen Sie unseren YouTube Kanal!

Cleanwave Founders Introduce The Youtube Channel

Meet Cleanwave founders Line Hadsbjerg and Philipp Baier introduce the new Cleanwave Youtube Channel. We will be having conversations with various guests from across the world that inspire us and want to make a difference in the world that we live in.

COVID19: Physical Distancing - Social Connection

Cleanwave Episode #1: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Daniel Wahl

Today we speak with author of Designing Regenerative Cultures - Daniel Wahl about physical distancing and social connection during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eco-Explorer: Saving Our Planet Through Adventure

Cleanwave Episode #2: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Alex Bellini

Today we speak with eco-explorer Alex Bellini from Italy about his experiences in crossing two oceans in a rowing boat, running more than 20,000km across the world´s continents, and navigating the ten most plastic-polluted rivers in the world with the goal of inspiring a new understanding and respect for the ecosystem around us.

Tackling The Illegal Wildlife Trade And Protecting Our Environment

Cleanwave Episode #3: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Greta Iori

Today we speak wildlife conservationist Greta Iori about tackling the illegal wildlife trade and protecting our environment. Specialising in ivory-related crime and the protection of elephants, she is responsible for championing an alliance protecting the most northerly population of elephants in the horn of Africa. For more info about Greta's work, follow her on Instagram:

The Next Generation | No Planet B

Cleanwave Episode #4: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Basti Klein

Basti is a teen activist, vegan, and kitesurfer trying to minimize his environmental footprint. Sebastian lives a minimalistic life, which he defines “is living with only the essential and necessary items that you use on a regular basis, which will make you more grateful for what you own”, where he finds himself producing very little waste and always questioning every purchase. Sebastian heard about this way of living a long time ago, but just recently, he wanted the freedom of owning less and being able to move anywhere with all his belongings. He decided to do this as a protest against consumerism as he will no longer support the unethical production of products. His biggest fear is the future and what will happen to our planet if we continue with the amounts of pollution we are emitting into the atmosphere. For more info about Basti´s lifestyle follow him on Instagram:

Big Wave Surfer And Ocean Defender | Garrett McNamara And Nicole McNamara

Cleanwave Episode #5: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Garrett McNamara and Nicole McNamara.

Big wave world record breaker, Garrett McNamara (HAW) and his wife Nicole McNamara sit down with Cleanwave to explain the monster waves that Portugal's Nazaré create, the fear to overcome them, and the environmental steps they have taken since then to improve our surroundings and our planet.

For more information about Garrett and Nicole visit

How To Build Urban Gardens, Green Cities and Women For Climate Justice | Dorah Marema

Cleanwave Episode #6: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Dorah Marema.

Dorah has been director of SEED Community in South Africa since 2014. Alongside her passion for the social and economic empowerment of young women, Dorah holds a wealth of experience in the environmental sector in Africa. She received an award by the UN for her work in this field in 2015. Harnessing her talent for community development, her passion for the environment and the economic and social empowerment of the community at large.

For more information about Dorah Marema and the Green Business College visit

How to Save and Protect The Mediterranean

Cleanwave Episode #7: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Brad Robertson.

Save The Med Foundation is on a mission to enable the Mediterranean Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony with prospering, environmentally conscious and proactive local populations.

For more information about Save The Med and how you can get involved, visit

Surfeando A Ciegas - Surfing Blind | Aitor Francesena

Cleanwave Episode #8: Line Hadsbjerg In Conversation With | Aitor Francesena.

Aitor puede contar cómo el mar le cambió la vida para siempre. Practicando surf, el deporte de sus sueños, cayó de una ola. El impacto contra el agua fue tan grande que perdió la visión. Parecía que estando ciego, todo terminaría ahí. El mar, las tardes con los amigos, la sensación de dominar las olas. El surf. Como dice Aitor, “No hay nada mejor en esta vida que hacer lo que mas te gusta”. Con dedicación y perseverancia consiguió sus metas, sus imposibles: estar ciego no le impidió seguir disfrutando del mar, las olas y el surf.

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