Cleanwave - Mission
Cleanwave - Mission

our mission

Reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles

… by making drinking water freely accessible across the Balearic Islands.

The Balearic Islands are our launch-pad to contributing towards a global movement against single-use plastic.

Cleanwave - Why


  • Tap water on the Balearic Islands is not regarded as good quality drinking water.
  • 1.5 Million plastic beverage bottles are consumed and discarded every day in the Balearic Islands.
  • There is no bottle deposit system in place.
  • Only 18% of plastic waste is recycled.
  • All remaining plastic waste is thrown into landfills, waste management sites, or simply discarded into the landscape and eventually washed out into the Mediterranean.
Cleanwave - Mission
Cleanwave - How
Cleanwave - Mission


  • Create a network of water refill stations where the public have access to refill their bottles. Including restaurants, bars, shops, businesses, yoga and fitness studios.
  • Promote the use & sale of reusable, eco friendly bottles.
  • Provide an opportunity to private locations, including offices, hotels, wellness centres etc. to set up water refill stations for staff and/or guests.
  • Provide plastic bottle free water solutions at events.
  • Educate on environmental impact of single use plastics and viable solutions. Education outreach is done via events, beach cleanings, participation in school programs, etc.
  • Distribution of our documentary film “Out of Plastic”. The film is publically available for screenings.
  • Collaborate with the local government on constructive legislative changes.
Cleanwave - Bottle

Cleanwave Social Movement

Cleanwave is a social movement that sets out to create awareness about single-use plastic waste and provides alternatives to single use plastic water bottles.

Our stainless steel water bottle gives you free access to all Cleanwave refill stations - check out our map and find out where the closest refill station is to you.

We encourage restaurants, hotels, shops and business owners to join our movement and set up water refill dispensers in their location, and make water available for public or private use.

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Cleanwave - Bottle

Join the cleanwave movement

list a water refill station and take a stand against plastic pollution

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